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Aside to Grace Davis

Yes, clogs rock.

Le Parkour

A friend sent a link to a video of David Belle, who moves through the suburbs of Paris like a gymnast taking a circuit of the apparatus on Google Video. There I discovered that they now provide hooks to download videos for iPod and PSP, or embed them in a web page.

Those Eyes, those Paws

[ via Scottish Assoc. of Big Iron Programmers ] Behold the cutest mammal on Earth: The Japanese Flying Squirrel.

Talking Squids in Outer Space

Vonda N. McIntyre, no stranger to fictional, hyper-intelligent cephalopods, put up a bibliography of squids in Science Fiction. One you get over the tentacles and the cat pee smell, they’re alright. Just never, ever mention calamari. Update: Luke McGuff reminded me that the site’s name is a jape at Margaret Atwood’s comment that Science fiction [...]

We love Katamari

The sequel to the best goofy game in the whole world, Katamari Damacy, has shipped.

Obi Robe

From Daily Variety (subscription req): Sir Alec Guinness’ Obi-Wan Kenobi costume found. Star Wars memorabilia hunters mulling a bid shouldn’t get their hopes up. An Angels [the costume shop where the robes were found] spokesperson says there are no plans to sell the cloak — though auctioneers have valued it at as much as $45,000.

The Amateur Topologist Knits

Cynthia found a pattern for a moebius strip scarf in Cat Bordhi’s book, and finished it tonight while we watched Witch Hunter Robin. There’s a special cast-on (knitters have buzzwords too) you use to start the pattern, you don’t ‘cheat’ by knitting a rectangle and grafting the ends together with a half twist, so the [...]

Don’t Be Evil

Basing your April Fool gag on last year’s artificial shortage of GMail invites: clever. You can pick up your own supply of this “limited release” product simply by turning in a used Gulp Cap at your local grocery store. How to get a Gulp Cap? Well, if you know someone who’s already been “gulped,” they [...]

Thanks Secret Santa

My Secret Santa gift arrived today. Thanks to whomever sent a copy of Tony Head’s Music for Elevators from my Amazon Wish List! I’ve taken care of the presents for the name I drew, but don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Rivers and Tides

Just watched Rivers and Tides, a documentary about the English landscape artist Andy Goldsworthy. He creates short-lived pieces, and few permanent works, out in the field, using the materials (leaves, driftwood, ice, pigments made from plant and minerals) at hand. Some observations about why I think he’s good at it: He embraces Wabi Sabi. He’s [...]

Michael J. Fox is either The Medium Lobster or the Eternal Champion

If you haven’t read Fafblog, go, then come back later. The post will still be around. So Giblets and Fafnir talk estacology, and how they plan to transcend this whole spacetime thing. Funny they mention that, as last week, Jeff Bone pointed out a physics paper about closed-space-like causality curves. The authors call these things [...]

You will also probably want to create a .costenarc file, to define your burrito macros in.

There’s a video making the rounds of a bunch of MIT kids who wrote a command line program to order pizza. This is not a new thing. Back when Adobe Systems was in Mountain View, the engineers wrote burrito a command line program which created a Postscript file describing a burrito and faxed it to [...]

Bathtime in Clerkenwell

Go find a friend with a Windows PC to watch this: an animated video for The Real Tuesday Weld’s Bathtime in Clerkenwell in which an army of cuckoos attempt to wake and bathe a reluctant human. [ Windows Media ] I got to see this last fall at a Sprocket Ensemble show in Oakland. Mind [...]

King Banksy

I have to link the story of Banksy’s prank because it involves the British Natural History Museum, which is a wonderful building, and ties into King Rat. The graffiti artist Banksy has managed to smuggle in his latest work, a dead rat in a glass-fronted box, into the Natural History Museum where it was exhibited [...]

Aliens Enter the Conversation

[ via John Redford ] Greg Beaty’s “geek love prose poem” on aliens and culture (high and pop): Aliens enter our lives to save us, because somebody must, and Heinlein is dead.