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Meanwhile, back in the Future

I’m watching the Clarion Writers’ Workshop fundraising auction at Potlatch. In the lobby my friends Kevin and Cheryl are deep into an Interaction committee meeting with people on two continents via IRC on the hotel’s WiFi network.

Black Box Parsing and Wireless Web Nostalgia

Brent Simmons describes the model he uses for consuming RSS and Atom feeds in Net News Wire. His internal data format abstracts away from RSS and Atom so that when he displays a feed, he’s only manipulating Cocoa objects. He says, this is ‘beginning programmer stuff,’ but it’s a powerful technique. At my old, defunct, [...]

Verizon’s fine, if all you want to do is talk on your phone.

For lack of anything better, I’m trying the LG VX6100 phone. It has a horrid little camera, no Bluetooth (but nothing on Verizon does,) a decent voice mode, and a speaker. I can also send images to and from the phone. However Verizon charges $0.25 per instance to do this. That’s an outrageous rate for [...]

Phone Choices

Russell Beattie put up a collage of all the mobile phones currently available in the US. As of today, Verizon will sell me a new phone at a discount. So which one to pick? I want: Camera Because I love Flickr. The more megapixels, the better. Battery Life I want a fuel cell, but that’s [...]

Lazy Web Request: Maui WiFi

If you know of a public or inexpensive WiFi network in the Makena/Wailea area, drop me a line.

The Madison Concourse ‘Gets’ WiFi

I’m at the Madison Concourse Hotel for WisCon and the whole hotel, top to bottom, has a free, open WiFi network. Every guest room has a placard announcing this. And if you don’t have a WiFi card, the hotel will sell you one. This is how you take care of your customers. And how you [...]

Jak Jinnaka meets Nokia

When I heard about the Nokia ‘Lifeblog” software, I remembered John Barnes’ In the Hall of the Martian King whose McGuffin was the ‘Lifelog’ of the messianic figure responsible for the world of Barnes’ Jak Jinnaka novels: “A lifelog was a record, maintained by an AI complex running in background on one’s purse, downloaded into [...]

Free WiFi in Downtown San Jose

Tom Clifton reports that San Jose will have free, open WiFi hotspots downtown at the Circle of Palms, just north of the Fairmont, and on Ceasar Chavez Plaza, starting this Thursday the 11th. We’ll have to have some South Bay weblogger meetups on nights when there are free outdoor movies at the Circle of Palms: [...]

Free Wireless Internet for Altamont Commuters

People taking the ACE from the San Joaquin Valley to San Jose will continue to have free wireless internet access. The University of Phoenix will pay for the cost of the service in hopes of attracting potential students to take classes online during the two hour commute. Hopefully they’ll get training for jobs that will [...]

Squeezebox Praise

I’m happy to report that I love my Squeezebox, the wireless music player that plugs into my stereo and streams music from my home network. The new version of the server software now plays all the tracks I had ripped in AAC format (which was almost all my Yoko Kanno) so I now can listen [...]

Wanted: Bluetooth Adapter for Garmin eTrex

Now that I have a PowerBook with Bluetooth, as well as a GPS receiver, it’d be great to find a Bluetooth adapter to plug into the GPS. A quick search didn’t reveal anything. If you know of such, please write. 23 June 2005 now there is such a thing: a combination Bluetooth Adapter and Car [...]

Free Wireless Pleases Baseball Fans, Annoys Ballpark Owner

A local business created a wireless hot-spot for fans at Portland’s PGE Field by lighting up a section of the bleachers with 802.11 from their office next to the ballpark. But PGE Field has Comcast cable as an official sponsor, so the park’s management has become grumpy. I guess they’re upset that Portland’s WiFi hobbyists [...]

Kaywa AG – Services for the Mobile Internet

Congrats to Urs, Roger, Christian, et. al. on the launch of Kaywa. They’re making tools to support mobile blogging.

Wi-Fi for Voice

Glenn Fleishman had an idea for using voice over IP on the road: I’ve toyed with buying Vonage service, and bringing the box with me when I travel so I can make unlimited calls and receive incoming calls when in a hotel room or anywhere I can bridge to a wired to Wi-Fi connection. However, [...]

London, May 2003

I’ll be in London from May 2nd to May 5th, and staying in the Russell Square area. If you’re in the area and want to meet for lunch, dinner or play native guide for an hour or two, let me know. If you’re willing to let an ugly American use a closed access point, let [...]