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Eyeballing Madison, WI

Doc Searls flew over my former home of Madison, WI last month on the way to Boston, and shot a decent photo of downtown and the University from the plane. I put in a plug for WisCon in the annotations.

It’s Always Wisconsin on TV

Those who don’t remember the past are doomed to watch it in syndication.

Some Good News out of New Orleans

Nevenah Smith’s an old friend who moved to New Orleans a few years ago. When hurricane Katrina turned towards Lousianna on Saturday, I asked if she was going to evacuate. Early Sunday morning she wrote that she, her boyfriend, their cats, and her computer were leaving. They arrived in Madison Sunday night, after driving straight [...]

Leaving Madison

Dorothea and David leave Madison for Virginia this month. I left Madison for Silicon Valley a little over nine years ago. I miss Madison on occasion. There were winter days when it was near zero, and I left the house bundled against the cold to hike to my office. The first thing you feel is [...]

Congratulations, Dorothea

On the occasion of your shiny new MLS degree! Homework’s no longer an excuse for you and David to skip WisCon.

Don Senzig

I just learned that Milwaukee fan Don Senzig, who helped me with the WisCon internet lounge the past few years, died unexpectedly yesterday. Don made little programmable badges out of a grid of LEDs that cycled through dozens of patterns, and you’d find your eyes tracking to his blinking lapel whenever he was nearby. My [...]

Joel Rogers on John Edwards

Back in February, my old boss Joel Rogers endorsed John Edwards in the Wisconsin Primaries. Joel’s a hard working, pragmatic progressive, whose opinions I respect. So, I was happy when I heard Kerry’s selected Edwards as his Vice Presidential Candidate. Maybe we’ll see Joel become Kerry’s Secretary of Labor.

The Madison Concourse ‘Gets’ WiFi

I’m at the Madison Concourse Hotel for WisCon and the whole hotel, top to bottom, has a free, open WiFi network. Every guest room has a placard announcing this. And if you don’t have a WiFi card, the hotel will sell you one. This is how you take care of your customers. And how you [...]

Well this is embarrassing

“Wisconsin Assembly Pulls All-Nighter, Passes Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment.” It still has to be voted on by the State Senate and approved in a statewide vote, so there’s some hope that it’ll be stopped. Note: I lived in Wisconsin from 1987 to 1996.

Richard Curtis’ Alternate Britain

The Guardian explains Britain as it would be if everyone and everything was from a Richard Curtis movie (Love, Actually; Four Weddings and Funeral.) Apparently: 70% of the UK would had gone to Oxford or Cambridge the Prime Minister can walk around with one bodyguard and having the number one single at Christmastime is terribly [...]

The Return of the Dotty

Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry was the place to get a hamburger back in Madison. The expansion of the downtown civic center took out the building it leased. Via Rick Kier, I learn that it’s back, with less antiques on the walls, and bigger burgers a year and a half later.

Emerald City reviews WisCon 27

Globetrotting economist and SF Critic Cheryl Morgan reviews WisCon 27, in her fanzine Emerald City.

Wiscon 27 Photos

Mike Ward posted his photos from WisCon 27, featuring guests of honor China Miéville and Carol Emshwiller, and Tiptree co-winner John Kessel.

Official Cabal Outerwear

Ellen Klages, madwoman of Tiptree Award fundraising, had a custom baseball jacket made with “Space Babe”, the Tiptree mascot on the back, and “Secret Feminist Cabal” on the front. It was raffled-off at WisCon 27 this weekend. I had the winning ticket.

A Note on Pravic Onomastics

Someone tell Ursula. Dorothea knows the population of Anarres before the plague. Aren’t combinorics fun?